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All of us love fancy animated text. That adds the appeal to the text and at the same time, it attracts the audience to read your text. Creating fancy text on paint is next to impossible and creating such texts on any Adobe software is time consuming. We found an application which can help you in creating animated text on your phone and the name of this application is Text Animation Maker. The basic job of the application is to create funky text along with the animation. To understand the usability of the application, let us have a look at the features of the application.
Features of Text Animation Maker
• In terms of features, you can basically put all the text in a video format and it is quite simple. The application comes with 25 different styles of the animation and hence you can use different style every time.
• The application supports all the Unicode formats of the text and hence it becomes easy and more presentable for the people to use the application.
• Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also make an animated text which plays in a loop and hence it is a perfect tool for uploading videos and other stuff on Facebook and Instagram.
• In terms of the output, you can import the video files in mp4 compression and you can also convert them to a GIF file which occupies much less of space.
• There is no limit of the character and hence you can use the application for storytelling and you can customize the text in terms of color and font from the application.
• The tool is full of different backgrounds which makes it more appealing to use the application.

[appbox googleplay film.orago.legend.videomaker.scopic]
• In terms of the ease of use, the application is quite easy to use and you can easily make videos in seconds. There is no lag while using the application and it doesn’t utilize much of memory on your phone.
In terms of general review, the application has received a rating of 3.8 stars from over 2700 users. Out of all these ratings, the application received over 1800 4 star and 5-star reviews. The last version of the application was updated on 22 September 2017 and in addition to this, it has been installed by 1 lakh to 5 lakh users. In the last updates, certain bugs were squashed so as to optimize the performance of the application.
You can download the application from the Google Play Store and we have also listed the application download link below.

Download Now

In terms of the system requirement, the application can work on any android phone that has Android 4.2 and above. Most of the features in the application are free to use but there are certainly some in-app purchases and these purchases are priced differently. You can start making these purchases from Rs 55 onwards but even the free version of the application has enough features to help you with almost every detail of work.


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