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Makal garbhini aanennu arinja oru amma cheythathu kandu nokkoo…


Maa, from Ondraga Entertainment, is a short film about teenage pregnancy, a topic that is considered taboo in public discourse. Especially in Tamil Nadu, where assertions of women’s sexuality have been met with widespread outrage.

The film revolves around the relationship between a mother and a daughter and what happens when the daughter, a 15-year-old, reveals that she has had unprotected sex with a schoolmate and is pregnant as a result.

This is director KM Sarjun’s next after Lakshmi, the controversial short film on a woman who lives in an abusive marriage and has an extramarital affair. The crisp screenplay is by Priyanka Ravindran.

The film, which received critical acclaim, was also widely panned by Tamil audiences for showing a woman having a fling, a routine fare for male characters in Tamil movies. However, questioning these traditional roles is exactly what the film intended set out to do, right from pointing out that a wife is not a lifelong, unpaid domestic worker to showing the plight of millions of Indian women who live in marriages where their pleasure is ignored during sexual intercourse.


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