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WhatsApp Messenger Just Got An Awesome New Feature


WhatsApp Messenger Just Got An Awesome New Feature

There are a huge variety of applications, but only a few are installed virtually on all mobile devices. WhatsApp is one of them, with more than 1,000 million active users each month. We must admit that in recent time WhatsApp had rolled out lots of new features.

WhatsApp has now come up with an awesome new feature which will let users pin the three most important chat at the top of the screen. Well, right now the feature is only seen in the beta version of the app.

Well, let me explain the feature. This feature works much similar to that of the pin the post feature in Facebook and twitter. So, with the latest addition, users can avoid the burden of scrolling down the long chat list for the users. 

The feature was first reported by Android Police. Users can only pin 3 chats on the top of their screen. If anyone tries to pin the fourth contact, he/she will receive a notification that will state that they can pin only three chats.

The new feature is only available on WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 or 163 version. It will be rolled out officially very soon. Users just need to long press on the chat and they will get the option to “Pin” the chat.

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