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Puthan Panam | Watch Online | Mammootty, Ranjith | Official Trailer



Mammootty plays a Nityananda Shenoy, middle-aged businessman and native of Kasaragod district in the film. The two-time National Award-winning director, Ranjith, has tried to highlight the slang and intimidating mannerisms of the people of Kasaragod, and it clearly works in the favour of the movie
Malayalam superstar Mammootty is gifted with an unparalleled versatility in pulling off a range of emotions – from comedic, mischievous, heartfelt, to action without breaking a sweat. The choice of his films last year may not have reflected that talent but the trailer of his upcoming film Puthan Panam is here to remind us what an amazing actor he really is.

Director Ranjith’s Puthan Panam is based on the concept of demonetisation of currency. The trailer captures the chaos and the hopelessness of the working class people following the government’s ‘surgical attack’ on the black money hoarders. Well, the sufferings of the common man due to the demonetisation can be seen in the trailer, the film mainly deals with the helplessness of rich people with loads and loads of useless high-denomination currency.



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