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Next Nokia phones will hit the mid-range market by June


Next Nokia phones will hit the mid-range market
Finnish company named HMD Global has the rights to produce and sell mobile devices under Nokia’s brand for the next 10 years. Especially, in India they want to hit the shelves with the next Nokia phones! But, why they want to target India? HMD Mobile India vice president Ajey Mehta said in an interview: “Our studies have shown that the Nokia brand has 95% brand awareness and recall in India. We are confident of making a big comeback.”

The Finnish start-up HMD Global plans to expand the number of distributors up to 400 across the country and establish 300 service centers. Furthermore, the company targets the Indian market with next Nokia phones which are backed up by Android OS such as the recently released Nokia Trio and the revived Nokia 3310. These mobile phones are expected to be launched in India by June end! Get ready for this, friends!
Next Nokia phones will hit the mid-range market by June

Another plan from HMD Global is to hit the mid-range market and to compete with market leaders like Huawei, OnePlus, OPPO and Xiaomi. And they could be successful with their next Nokia phones! It is proven that Nokia is still popular all over the world through the launch of Nokia 6 in China: incredible 250000 units were pre-ordered in less than 24 hours! In addition, HMD is thinking about to manufacture future Nokia devices in India.

Can Nokia make it to the top again?
We are looking forward to the development of the Finnish company Nokia, whether if HMD plans can success or not. What do you think about it? Let us know in comments!



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