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Hide your images or videos inside a Calculator


Create multi account for any application and Add private images/videos to hide from others

1. Calculator Password Protection

We have added the password protection of calculator means if any other user opens the app than they will find normal calculator so no one knows that there is private storage and multi account for other application

When you start app first time than add password between 4-8 digit than you have to enter that password than tap on = to open the multi account

2. Fingerprint Security

If your device have the functionality of fingerprint sensor than you can use it to open the private space just touch the fingerprint sensor when calculator opens than you directly redirected to the apps which you are added parallel

3. Notification Access for other Apps

If you want notification than and then only provide the permission but if you want to hide the things than do not provide notification permission.

Here some social application are continuous run in background and generate notification when any event occurred so as per your requirement give the permission.

4. Create Parallel Account for Apps

Just tap on the add button it will open the application list than add application which you want to copy or clone for second account

By default shortcut will be created and it will be on the home screen you can remove it and directly access within the app

5. Add Private Images

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